It Began With A Dare

With all your quests behind you it was time to celebrate. And there’s only one place worth celebrating for an adventurer such as yourself. The Crossroads is a place for stories and drinks and songs and this is where you found yourself spending your hard earned winnings on another round for the room.

The tavern keep took note of you. You don’t quite remember how but before the end of that night you had accepted The Quest. No one has ever finished the entire Quest. It’s become stories of legend. It’s really more of a bet. Or a dare. Sealed with a drink the owner of The Crossroads would keep track of you, the patrons would bet on your and if you completed you and your companions would go down as legends.

The Quest is simple. Mount and ride the seven mythic creatures of Flanaess and return with proof.

They even gave you a map.


The Quest